How to link your domain to my Gmail

The advantages of linking your domain to Gmail.

Connecting your domain name to your Gmail gives you the advantage of having a more personal/professional email using Gmails generous storage allowance. In addition, because Register a Domain includes an email account with all domain registrations, this becomes a pretty good option for keeping the cost low for email hosting.

On this page, we have put together a guide to help you connect your domain to Gmail. Linking your domain to Gmail can save you money.

An example of this is Crazy Domains; they have an "Everyday Personal Email" product from $5.50/mo; this comes with 5Gb storage, Spam & Virus protection and Secure Certification, and if you don't have a domain, this will need to be added to the cost as well.

With Register a Domain, if you connect your complimentary email account to Gmail, this work's out to be around $1.15/mo; this includes the domain, Gmail's 15Gb storage and scanning spam & virus protection.

If you are still deciding on what your domain name should be, vist our "How to choose a domain name" page where we explain the 4 important tips to help decide on your domain name.

Lets begin on how to connect your domain to personalise your Gmail

Once you have created your email account via the domain management portal, log in to your Gmail account via the web. First, we will set up Gmail to have the ability to send as your custom email.

Now that you have successfully linked you domain to gmail; when composing a new email, you can now select who you would like the email to be sent from in the drop-down from the box.

Register a Domain makes it easy to search, register or transfer a domain names.

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