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Who Are We?

Register A Domain is a subsidiary of Websites Victoria.

Websites Victoria established in mid- 2008 quickly became the go-to business for the medical sector looking after medical practices like Victorian Counselling & Psychological Services, Surgical Associates Melbourne, Victorian Heart and Lung Clinic and Together Medical, to name a few.

Due to their reliable service and quick response to a server-side issue, Websites Victoria's client base rapidly increased from B2B recommendations. There are no call centres for sales or support. Clients have a direct mobile number and email address to a consultant they can call, text and email any concerns. Their I.T companies and web designers also use the consultant's contact details.

Websites Victoria found its self mainly dealing with a business that found setting itself up online was too complex or didn't have the time to do so and needed someone else to manage all their online services for them. They have also realised that there is business out there (existing or just starting up) that can administer their online services and deserve the same reliable service hence Register A Domain's beginnings.

Why choose Register a Domain?

Register A Domain connects to the largest domain registrar in Australia to register your domain names, giving you access to one of the most popular and best registrars for less and holds all global Accreditations for Top Level Domains.

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An easy to use online portal to add services to your registered domains as well as renew and register new domains.

We use an actual Tier 3 N+2 datacenter for all hosting services, coupled with ISO accreditation and 24/7 onsite security. Should one of the servers fail, an additional server will fill the gap in delivering the same computing capacity as initially intended. N+2 means that two backup components are available to ensure extra resilience.
72 hours of protection from power outages means at least three days of exclusive power (power not connected to an outside source).

No more than 1.6 hours of downtime per annum. This downtime is allowed for purposes of maintenance and overwhelming emergency issues.

Register a Domain makes it easy to search, register or transfer a domain names.

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